Hang Gliding Experience / Tandem Discovery Flight

Flight Details

Treat yourself to this amazing adventure! Savor breathtaking views of Utah during hang gliding tandem discovery flight . Following brief instruction, you'll experience hang gliding from several feet above ground.



*Nice Sky Adventures is not currently offering hang gliding lessons or tandems. We can help you find the right instructor who does offer hang gliding though. Contact Nice Sky Adventures at [email protected] to learn more or visit our local club site at www.uhgpga.org/schools-and-tandems/ to find a local hang gliding instructor who can help.

You’ll enjoy sailing the skies in Utah while securely harnessed to your instructor who may even give you the chance to pilot the hang glider during flight. Whether you’re looking to experience the sport or to develop a new hobby, hang gliding in Utah is the perfect way to feel the thrill of human non-powered flight. *

CLICK HERE to see a video exmple of  a Hang Gliding Tandem Discovery Flight

*Recommended maximum weight limit for hang gliding tandem passengers is 175 lbs. All Tandem Flights are conducted for educational and training purposes.