Hang Gliding Experience / Intro Lesson

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Want to fly a hang glider on your own? This is where to start.



*Nice Sky Adventures is not currently offering hang gliding lessons or tandems. We can help you find the right instructor who does offer hang gliding though. Contact Nice Sky Adventures at [email protected] to learn more or visit our local club site at www.uhgpga.org/schools-and-tandems/ to find a local hang gliding instructor who can help.

Here is what to expect:
By the end of your very first day, you will fly a hang glider on your own! Lessons start on the ground and work up to a small hill where your feet will leave the ground as you fly a hang glider through the air.
Some people can get certified to fly a hang glider on their own in as little as one week while others may take longer. No matter how long it takes, you can either pay as you go or buy the whole instruction package from the beginning.

*Recommended maximum weight limit for hang gliding lessons is 200 lbs.